Small mammal identification 18th Oct 2015

Do you want to find out what runs about in our hedgerows especially at night? Come and join us on Sunday morning October 18th when John Buckley will lead us in identifying what small mammals have been temporarily caught in humane traps that were set earlier by kind permission of  Mill Farm, Isington.

Wood MouseChildren especially find it exciting, firstly to find out if anything has gone into the trap to find food and shelter, then to find out and identify the species, will it be a type of mouse or a vole? So children, get your parents to come along! For an ID guide click on link to download pdf.

There are a limited number of spaces available so if you are interested in joining us, we will meet at 8.45am on Sunday 18th October at the Village Hall to travel to the location. It is vital that you contact us by Tuesday October 13th so we know what resources will be needed.

Update 18th Oct: A count of 50 small mammals (bank vole, field vole, wood mouse, common shrew and water shrew) were seen at four locations. Adults and children all enjoyed close up views before they were released again.

Group1 Mill Farm Group2 Mill FarmBank voleCommon shrew