Past surveys

A 1771 survey of woodlands and coppices with valuation of soil, timber, beechwoods and underwoods on sundry estates in Froyle, can be viewed at the Hampshire Record Office, reference 49M68/172 or download .pdf (5MB).

The 1845 Tithe Map of Froyle named all the fields and woods in the Parish and included the value of their crops as detailed in the apportionment book. A large reproduction copy of the Tithe Map is displayed inside Froyle Village hall and scanned areas are viewable at the Froyle Archive website. Many of the field boundaries 170 years ago are the same as todays Ordance Survey 1:25000 maps.

The 1952 survey of the flora of Froyle was handwritten by C.Langridge and included in the WI Scrapbook, click to download the .pdf file The Plant Life of Froyle 1952.

Alton Natural History Society carried out a plant survey of the parish in 1991. This was originally typewritten by Gwen Macklin and subsequently transcribed, click to download the .pdf file Froyle Flora Survey 1991. An excerpt from page 6 follows.

THE WALL West of the church is perhaps the highlight of the village, due to the presence of a rare plant, only recorded in two other sites in Hampshire.  It was pleasing to find this still has a good foothold , both on the wall, which once adjoined the kitchen garden at Froyle Place and a few plants at the base of the wall.  This treasure, the slender sandwort, is an insignificant little plant, an annual, erect and much branched with small white flowers.  The similar and more common thyme-leaved sandwort also grows on the wall, as does the three fingered saxifrage and thale cress.  Two grasses fern grass or hard poa and flattened poa are other inhabitants of this area, so a site to be preserved for future generations.

A booklet about the Wildlife of Froyle Quarry was written in 2009 and recognised this disused quarry as naturally regenerating chalk grassland, to see a copy please contact us.